About project

  • Aim

    International project Support Programme for Youth "Online Career" is aimed to help young people who have fewer opportunities to find jobs on the local labour market to get access to the international labour market using the means of Internet and modern informational technologies. 

  • Beneficiaries

    Our final beneficiaries are the young people coming from non-capital, small cities, rural, distant areas — those, who do not have much choices to find appropriate career opportunities locally: young people just finished school or university; high school students, university students; unemployed; over skilled employed young people (those whose jobs are not relevant to their competences)

  • Target groups

    Our target groups — those who will be directly positively affected by the project actions – are the youth workers and non-governmental organisations from EU and Eastern Partnership countries.

  • Objectives

    to learn about global job opportunities (including their future tendencies) for young people and scope of skills they require to share experience in training and support of young people aimed at their personal and professional development to share experience in development and usage of online youth services (counselling, on-line webinars, workshops, e-learning) to develop, test and launch an online course for young people aimed at their development and helping them to find their places on the online job market to train international group of youth workers to become coaches and mentors for young people in their realisation and future career to support organisations working with young people and provide them with the innovative tools aimed at youth development to promote international cooperation and capacity building in the field of youth workto promote transnational non-formal learning mobility and exchange of experiences between Programme and Partner Countries.

  • Project product

    The main project result is an online course, which covers 4 topics: how to find job online; online entrepreneurship; online education;how to work online.

Project activities

  • 1

    December 2017 — February 2018: Project “kick-off”

    Contacting all the partners. Set up the detailed plan of the project implementation. Preparations.

  • 2

    3—11 of March 2018: Study Visit 

    12 participants (Armenia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine) came to the study visit to Szeged, Hungary hosted by Innovaform Kozhasznu Nonprfit Kft. Partners learned about experience of the hosting organisation in the projects aimed at enhancing youth employability, usage of ICT tools in their work, and met local organisations implementing the projects aimed at youth employability. Also participants discussed the working plan for the further research stage.

  • 3

    March — May 2018: Research

    Partners made research about online job opportunities (including their future tendencies) for young people and scope of skills they require.

  • 4

    22—27 of May 2018: Work meeting

    Representatives of 4 partner organisations (Armenia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine) met to summarise the research results, to plan future activities and to split tasks. The detailed outline of the course was designed on the meeting.

  • 5

    June — September 2018: Course development

    Each of 4 partners was working on one of the course topics. It was challenging to work on a distance, however we made a good product at the end! 

  • 6

    23 of October — 1 of November 2018: Training course

    Youth workers from all 8 partner organisations took part in the training course. TC was dedicated to the coaching and mentoring of young people in their career building on the online job market. Participants learned about the developed online course and how they can use it online and ‘live’; also they've got trained on coaching and mentoring of young people in the field of the project theme. 

  • 7

    November — December 2018: Local activities

    The partner organisations supported the training of the first groups of young people using the tools of online course and coaching competences acquired on the TC. In total we trained over 100 people in 8 countries.

  • 8

    January — February 2019: Dissemination

    The open access to the course was officially launched. The information about the course was spread among our partners, young people and widely in the Internet. 

  • 9

    March 2019: Evaluation

    Evaluation of the project with all the partners and participants.


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