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About project

International project Support Programme for Youth "Online Career" is aimed to help young people who have fewer opportunities to find jobs on the local labour market to acquire competencies needed for getting an online job on the international labour market, using the means of Internet and modern informational technologies.

Online Course

Our online course is developed for those who would like to work online, but doesn't know how to start. 
There are four modules and each of them provides comprehensive information about one of the following topics: "How to find a job online", "Online entrepreneurship", "Online education" and "How to work online". Each of the module consists of 7-9 video lessons. You can start from any of the modules and study anywhere using your phone, tablet or PC. We made it very easy!

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    Module 1. How to find a job online

    In this module, you will find review on the best websites to look for online jobs, learn about the preparation process before the application and get some tips how to behave during an online job interview and win that awesome online job. 

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    Module 2. Online entrepreneurship

    In this module, you'll find out about the platforms for online entrepreneurship, learn how to improve some important skills like self-management, self-motivation and time management. You will get understanding of what is a niche and what can be some types of online entrepreneurship or business models. You will also receive some information on Intellectual property rights.

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    Module 3. Online education

    In this module, you will find out about the effectiveness of online education and how it is different from traditional education. You will learn about the advantages of getting all the knowledge you need right from the screen of your laptop or smartphone. Moreover, we will also help you improve in terms of self-management. 

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    Module 4. How to work online

    People who want to work online need to be able to handle the nature of remote work environment.
    In this module we will explain you what to consider while working online. We hope to help you to make the future working process smooth and successful.

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Alternatively, you can join our closed study group in Edmodo. This is an interactive platform for education which is used all over the world for big and small study projects.Unlike on Youtube or on this page, in the closed group in Edmodo we have bonuses:✔ Quizzes for self-control✔ Practical tasks✔ Complete text version of the courseYou will need to register at the platform and access the class via the link below or with the class code: 44f9pr.Check if you like!

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The project is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.Erasmus+ (2014—2020) is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Merging seven prior programmes, it has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations.